Alfred Perez (aka Pollo) was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and grew up surrounded by a music environment, influenced by his father's musical background. 


Dancing since the age of 4 to Salsa and Merengue, his dad taught him basic salsa steps at the age of 6. This made him open to learning other styles of music and dance, which he learned from his older sister.

During his senior year of high school, Pollo started learning breaking with 3 of his friends, became part of a hip hop crew called "Fresh", and would often involved himself in school talent shows.

After high school, Pollo pursued breaking further and started to travel around the US, training with other bboys and entering battles, including Bboy Summit where Pollo made top 16 out of 40 crews. This inspired Pollo to continue and dedicate his life to breaking and form his own crew, "Natives With Attitude" (NWA).

In 2014, Pollo became a "Mighty Zulu King" (MZK), joined Bronx crew "Ready To Rock" (RTR) and won battles Citybreaks and Bboy Ultimatum. The following year, Pollo won Rock For Supremacy, Rumble or Tumble, Hunter Breakdown and Cypher King at Breakbeat Cowboy.

December 2015, Pollo was awarded the "2015 Up & Coming Dancer Award" at the NYC Dance Awards by Rep Your Styles.

For the past year, Pollo has been working on the Netflix Original Series "THE GET DOWN" (Created by Baz Luhrmann, Produced by NAS) as the main actor's dance double and various other roles.

Pollo wishes to continue to grow as a dancer and performer, pursuing his passion for breaking and the arts. He finds joy in sharing his craft and knowledge by teaching kids, inspiring the younger generation, and in pushing the true hip hop culture as well as pushing himself as an artist.






  • “The Get Down” Netflix Original Series (Directed by Baz Luhrmann) – Lead Actor’s Dance Double (Full Series, 12 Episodes)

  • “Bboy In a Dream” Documentary (Directed by Takako Imai) – Dancer

  • “Drift” Shinobi Ninja feat. Dinco D Music Video (Directed by Shinobi Ninja) – Dancer

  • “We Don’t Give a F**k” Ralph Dog feat. Papoose, Sean Price, Sadat X Music Video (Directed by Noisemaker Media) – Dancer / Actor

  • “Welcome To Harlem” Independent Film (Directed by Mark B Blackman) – Dancer

  • “Billy On The Streets” TV Show - Dancer

  • “Nuh Play Wid Dem”  Patwa Music Video - Dancer


  • Kurtis Blow (New York & Atlanta Tour)

  • Grandmaster Kaz Hush Tours (New York)

  • Global Spin Awards (Revolt TV, New York)

  • DJ Tony Touch Event (New York) 

  • Redbull Music Festival Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell (Directed by Stuart Bogie)

  • The Hip Hop Nutcracker (Directed by Kurtis Blow)

  • Legends of Hip Hop (Directed by Kurtis Blow)


  • “Up & Coming Dancer” Award – NYC Dance Awards (Rep Your Style)


  • Citybreaks (Ohio) 1st Place

  • World of Dance (New Jersey) 1st Place

  • Rumble or Tumble (New York) 1st Place

  • Break Legends (New York) 1st Place

  • Bboy Supremacy Rocking (Colorado) 1st Place

  • Bboy Ultimatum (New York) 1st Place

  • Breakbeat Cowboy (Las Vegas) Cypher King

  • Hunter Breakdown (New York) Cypher King

  • Rawcus 360 (New York) 2nd Place

  • Battle For Your Life (New York) 2nd Place

  • Level 7 Footwork Battle (New York) 3rd Place


  • “Give It Up or Turn It Loose” Dance Video  (SJJ Creative) – Director / Choreographer

  • “Water Element” Annual El Puente 3 Kings Show – Choreographer

  • “Hip Hop Mix” Mission Society Olympics – Choreographer

  • “Jungle Groove” Tamiko Dance Company – Choreographer

  • “Root of Salsa” Mosholu Montefiore – Choreographer

  • “Mathematics” Art Against War - Choreographer



  • Breaking, hip hop, salsa, bachata, acting, choreography, DJ


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