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A.D.A. Syllabus


Established in 1931 through its Ballroom branch originally affiliated to the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London, A.D.A. is an Australia-wide dance teachers organisation with members of all branches resident in all states.

Being an incorporated organisation, the Association enjoys much respect both nationally and internationally, being the largest organisation of its kind in this part of the world.

The theatre dance faculty examination syllabus in Tap and Modern dance has been structured on sound technical principles and is recognised universally, setting the highest standards of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. A.D.A. provides students with a graduated development of essential basic foundations in dance, with regular tests that allow the opportunity to check and assess individual progress through the various levels within the syllabus.

The A.D.A. range of syllabi includes Jazz, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Theatrical Character Dance and more.

These examinations improve technique and stagecraft, essential for a professional performer. Success and completion of all examinations allow you to become a registered teacher and/or examiner/adjudicator.




Below is further information on A.D.A.'s class levels:



Pre Primary classes are offered in Modern Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet. These classes introduce students to the beginnings of these styles and will teach basic technique through F.A.T.D.'s syllabus work with structured choreographed routines. F.A.T.D. classes are geared at preparing students for examinations which conducted yearly.


Primary to Grade 5 classes are offered in Modern Jazz, Tap, and Classical Ballet. These classes are designed to develop the dancer's strength, flexibility, correct technique, and build confidence in all areas of dance and performance work. F.A.T.D. classes are geared at preparing students for examinations which conducted yearly.


Star Grade examination classes (Bronze, Silver & Gold) are aimed at providing assistance with the education of various dance styles including jazz, modern, hip hop, tap, and classical ballet. The syllabus work is designed to develop the highest standards in technique, flexibility, strength, and confidence. F.A.T.D. classes are geared towards preparing students for examinations which are conducted yearly. Students currently studying Year 11 and 12 are able to add their F.A.T.D. examination results to their OP score, as F.A.T.D. is fully accredited in Queensland. 

For more information on A.D.A., visit their official website

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